With a population of more than 75,000—和 nestled within the larger Fox Cities community of nearly 250,000—阿普尔顿 is part of one of the fastest-g划船 metropolitan areas in the Midwest.

区域的大小, cultural 和 recreational opportunities, 和 breadth of businesses provide ample opportunities for Lawrentians to explore, 参与, 和 connect with 狐狸城 community. 邻近校园, 阿普尔顿’s vibrant downtown features shops, 餐厅, 博物馆, 表演艺术中心, 公共艺术空间, 公共图书馆, 和更多的.

餐厅 & 购物

Five-star dining to late-night pizza, 很棒的咖啡店, 和 dozens of stores are all within easy walking distance from campus. More shopping 和 dining opportunities can be found throughout 阿普尔顿 和 are accessible to students thanks to shuttles that run to 和 from the Fox River mall each weekend during the academic year.


在离校园半英里的地方 Fox Cities 表演艺术 Center (PAC) brings the entertainment world to 阿普尔顿. This $45 million jewel seats 2,100—with the “worst seat in the house” barely 100 feet from the stage. 阿普尔顿 even hosted the 威斯康辛州 premieres of 狮子王汉密尔顿!


If you're a baseball fan, you can catch the Milwaukee Brewers' Class A minor league team, the 威斯康星木响尾蛇 at Neuroscience Group Field at Fox Cities Stadium, just 6 miles from campus.
And we can’t forget 威斯康辛州’s pride 和 joy, the Green Bay Packers! They play at the famous Lambeau Field, located just 30 minutes from campus.


照亮我们的家乡. Discover why Lawrentians love their hometown in this video tour of 阿普尔顿.


运行, 徒步旅行, 骑自行车, 划船, sitting—you’ll have plenty of outdoor places for these activities throughout the area. There are numerous trails from campus that run along the Fox River to dozens of local parks 和 to 高崖州立公园 at Lake Winnebago (10 miles from campus). 


Northeast 威斯康辛州 weather features four distinct seasons, 和 we enjoy each 和 every one of them. In fact, you might even hear folks say that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!

sculpture of kids playing in the middle of a fountain on a sunny day



You can get outside 和 explore with 徒步旅行, biking, 和更多的.



阿普尔顿’s mayor, Jake Woodford, honed his leadership experience just down the road from City Hall. 2013届毕业生, Woodford served as president of the 十大电子游艺网站 Community Council (LUCC) 和 worked at his alma mater for seven years as assistant to the president before being sworn in as the mayor in April 2020.  

Diversity 和 Inclusion Award recipients

Building a More Inclusive Community

Members of the Lawrence community are actively 参与d with Imagine Fox Cities, an inclusive community-wide initiative working to intentionally shape the future of 狐狸城 when it comes to well-being.  

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